Sunday, February 12, 2012

The new round is here!!!

So its been a few weeks since i last posted.... well i think... mummy brain kicking in, anyway its time i wrote in my blog again!

What has been happening for me of late?? Well firstly I am very proud to say that i am entering into the new round under my last round weight!! yay!!! I am 73kg and feeling great!! As it was an emotional time in between rounds i put on a few kilos, but have been working very hard over the last month or so to get my eating on track and exercise!

I don't know if i mentioned it earlier but I now attend body attack and have a new intense program in the gym to work on toning and running. Its quite an exhausting program and some days i cant do all the cardio.

I'm excited to say that i have finally caught up with a family friend that moved into town 2 years ago!! It has taken us this long to finally meet up! And I have found out she runs an outdoor work out session at one of the local parks that she doesn't charge for, as she is a police officer too. I can tell you it was one heck of a work out! I was wanting to puke, which is a first for me! So I'm addicted and there is nothing like having a good friend to motivate and push you beyond your limits. I have realised i haven't been pushing myself as much as i should have through the last couple of rounds. So having made changes toward my attitude when it comes to exercise means i work out meaner than i have previously.

Having some health issues i do know when to rest and look after myself. I have been going to bed earlier than i used to and pushing myself to not have a sleep during the day so that I'm not wide awake til late at night. I have really been feeling the benefits of it too.

I decided to post my original before and after pics in the huggies and the local 12wbt group as well as my new round before pic. So many are sharing their pics. It is really encouraging!

I have been also making a big effort to give encouragement to others in the forum. Reading all the task 1 introductions and being able to give encouragement to others certainly gives me a sense of satisfaction. The saying is so true, there is more happiness in giving then there is in receiving!

 Ive been sticking to my plans of being organised, such as cooking up big meals and freezing them. It certainly saves me alot of stress, especially when my hubby is working away. Also my food diary is keeping me honest. The only thing i need now is to go out and buy a diary for all my plans and red flags. I did write that i was going to do that last time, but i haven't been able to afford it. So this week I will be able to do it! I love that I am getting my self in gear. I have struggled with it for so long and the benefits of being organised far out weigh relying on my memory, which isn't that good these days!

So there you have it, i have probably missed out on a few things like usual, so when i remember it i will be back posting again!!

Hope you enjoyed the read!