Monday, January 30, 2012

Commitment Made!!

Today I made my commitment for the new round. Wow, I find this gets just a little easier each time, but it still brings up the nerves. I have to learn to shake off the self doubts and JFDI. I worry that I wont make it. Something will get in my way, an injury, sickness, etc. Not being committed means I can take it a little easier but really, my goal is to lose 10kg for the round. So I need to be committed. It takes hard work and COMMITMENT to achieve.

In between rounds has been interesting, to say the least. I have had many fall backs. The one lesson I have learnt as time is going on and the round is close to starting, I can achieve more than I ever imagined in such a long time! What have I achieved you say?? I have started attending body attack classes, I completed my first rpm class, I got up nice and early this morning and did 600 metres which is 12 laps in the pool. I felt so good after my swim this morning! I haven't been able to swim so well in over 10 years. My technique was in my eyes fantastic. Attending classes I never did in the previous rounds is such a huge achievement for me. I feel fantastic.

My ultimate goal as mentioned previously was to complete a triathlon. In October there is a women's triathlon locally and now with the local 12wbt crew going off on facebook, I have noted there are a few girls wanting to do it too! Best of all I can see myself doing it! My goals and dreams are fast becoming a reality. The triathlon maybe a fair few months away, but in that time, i can buy the road bike i need and improve on my skills in the pool, running and riding.

So my fall backs? My main one at the moment is eating clean. I recently have had a few blow outs, but one thing i have learnt about it is i can and quickly get back up and back on track. Life is about learning. I am learning to get back up and back on track alot faster these days and be completely honest about it. Using myfitnesspal has been helping me to know where and how much i go wrong. My food diary is public for my friends to see and comment. I really appreciate their support!

OK, so my commitment is to lose 10kg this round and to exercise 6 days a week rain, hail or shine!! Big commitment, but I am willing to give 120% to make it happen!! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How my weekend has been!

Hi everyone,

I thought i would add to my blog about how my weekend has been. I believe i have started to turn a new corner. I told myself that this time my journey would be different. I will be more prepared and more involved than the last. This isn't just about me, I need to show my support to newbies and return members. I still need support so how much more so should I be giving others my support. We are a team.

Its taking me this long to get my head around it all. Maybe I'm a slow learner and things don't click into place as quick as others but I can say I am finally doing it. To be give is so much better than receiving. I'm sure this is why Michelle created this program. It must be a joy to see all those changing their lives because of such wonderful advise!

So how has my weekend been? Well maybe i should say how has my week been. Well Its been really good I have to say. I enjoyed having my hubby home for a long weekend and since Tuesday when he left for work again I have been at the gym doing my new program. Man it is a killer!! So love it though!! I was going to rest on Saturday as I was tired and sore from my work out on Friday but changed my mind and got kids ready as I already booked the creche and headed to the gym for my usual and new addiction of Body Attack, such a great way to combat my ever increasing efforts to complete a SSS!!

One thing I didn't do the last couple of rounds was do big cook ups and freeze foods on the weekend for the week and further ahead. Well that has all changed. Earlier this week I bought I huge pumpkin and yesterday and today I cooked up 12wbt Thai pumpkin soup I have varied the sizes as some will be for feeding the kids and myself and also some with just a serve for myself. I felt like I really accomplished something huge, I am moving ahead and probably saving myself alot of money in the long run! Next weekend it will be veggie pasta!! Yumm!!

My next step is to prepare ahead for red flags! Another thing I didn't do the last few rounds. Tomorrow, as it will be a pay day for me, I will be heading out and buying a really nice diary and fancy pen, just to make it special to write all my red flag days down, I'm thinking when hubby gets home from work I should just mark that whole week as a red flag as its always hard for me! hehehe! I will be writing in my diary every morning "Flex that Will Power Muscle!"

Anyway I must get on with my evening, planning on some relaxing reading and an early night!! Goodnight my fellow 12wbters!!

:) xo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just blogging

I felt like blogging today to talk about how I am going so far. This is my 3rd round of 12wbt, so it should be second nature to me. I have to admit I am still learning lessons about staying on path. I realise the days I don't use myfitnesspal diary I tend to fail. It reminds me of a live feed we had last round about, going back to our food diaries and seeing where we are going wrong. For me this week, its eating way to many carbs. We have been on the bones of our arses lately due to big bills and very little for food. I have had to be very creative with meals and make sure I add vegies to dinner even if its the frozen kind. I have been though eating alot of bread so ive been despite all the exercise ive been doing have been plateauing. My hubby is still in the habit of relying on staples such as rice and bread, and very little veggies. So I really have make the effort to add veggies even if I get a resounding NO from everybody! For example last night I made spaghetti bolognaise and I added veggies despite hubby would have preferred none at all. It turned out quite nice and I was praised for such a lovely meal. That's a win for me!!  Last round I actually cut alot of bread and rice out of my diet, and felt the benefit of it. Only wholemeal and multi grain bread is consumed in our house, thank goodness because my hubby used to eat only white bread, but caused him pretty bad bouts of gout!

Its so encouraging reading all the posts from everyone in the forum, some are so nervous and don't know if they will succeed, others are fired up and determined. I remember, as a newbie, (not that long ago too) I would look forward to receiving a reply by someone who had done previous rounds and knew this was a very successful program, and now its my turn to share some encouragement. It takes alot of effort sometimes to put yourself out there to leave a message for someone to reassure all will be ok and to put a smile on their face. Like Mish said, its not just about ourselves! We are a team, so we must encourage one another. Well it was along those lines. I have to admit I still like being encouraged too! :)

So today it is back to using my food diary and imprinting those new habits into my brain even deeper. If we don't remind ourselves to stay on track, we get slack!

Ive also got a very sore left leg, my knee was throbbing last night but have discovered its a very tight hamstring, making my whole leg ache. I think it may be from my new work out program. Ive been stretching it out and using a massager, my hubby calls the thumper as it literally thumps your muscles until they are loose. Best investment ever!

So on with the show!! I'm not about to give up! I want this so bad!! I will and am determined to get past this plateau!! Here we go!! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Preseason Begins!!

I have to say, Im so excited about this round! 12wbt has been an amazing journey so far and with all the ups and downs that come along, ive always picked myself up and kept going. Sometimes it feels like 2 steps back and 1 step forward. I truely believe its not how fast you get there its that you keep going and make it to the end of your journey!

Its been an interesting time for me inbetween season. Firstly I had a miscarriage, which i talk about in my first post, so if you have time take a gander. Secondly ive been trying to tackle the issue of self sabotage. I put on 3 kilos over the holiday break. But ive already dropped a kilo! so YaY!!! We went on holidays down to the beautiful town of Esperance with white squeeky sand, and crystal clear waters. so beautiful! You havent seen amazing beaches until you have been to Esperance!

During the inbetween rounds, Ive been learning to push myself more than i ever have before. I started attending body attack classes at the gym and I tell you I nearly died the first class but its slowly getting easier. My PT has upped the anti on my gym program too, working on alot more toning as well as interval training on the tredmill. I am learning to love running more and more. I run at an incline of 3 to 3.5% and slowly increasing my run speed. I run for 30 seconds to a minute at 8.5km and then walk for 30 seconds. I feel like i could run alot longer, but at the moment these intervals are good. I really must print out the interval training Mish has on the program.

Ive also enquired about the local Tri group! Its exciting stuff! Alot of the training is free too! My ultimate goal is to do a triathlon, so I will keep you upto date with this goal! 

One thing im concerned about is getting myself organised. I think one change i will make this round is doing cooking on the weekend and freeze certain meals. I love the pumpkin soup and I know there are a few other recipes that are freezer friendly, so thats my plan, big cook ups and freezer full of foods. Ive never been a very well organised person, though when i make the effort I reap the rewards.

Well I better go introduce myself on preseason task 1!! 

Ciao!! Mwah!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Why the hell do i self sabotage???!!!

Ok, so I felt the need to write my blog again, since i have so much on my mind. Please excuse some of my mistakes, when i get going i tend to think faster than i write and my fingers don't keep up! :)

This has been something on my mind for a while. At first when i saw the video on self sabotage I thought, phew, I'm not a self sabotager. Well how wrong was I!? Very!! I guess its not easy that my hubby works away two weeks and comes home for one week. Now I am fantastic while he is away, I'm so used to him working away i have quite a good routine but when he comes home, its like everything flies out the window and i give myself permission to eat whatever I like and how much i want! I don't know why I do it! Maybe its because while hubby is away, i have clean food and no junk in the house but in his mind there is no food in the house to snack on so goes out for junk food. I try my best to not touch it but its soooo hard!!!

So who do i blame? Hubby for bringing the food into the house? or me for not using my will power??

It should just be simple. But losing weight is a difficult thing. I guess growing up i was always slim, athletic before getting sick, but used to eating what i want and now i cant do that! I have had this secret i haven't shared with anyone before. Sometimes, and i mean very rarely i purge. I had started out my day really well yesterday but i went down hill, with 3 party pies and two bowls of rice and sweet potato with milk and curry. Then half a packet of shapes with a dip. I was so disgusted with myself and so full. I went off to the toilet and forced myself to throw up until at least half of what i ate came out. Of course my stomach felt better but my mind didn't. I had done this with no one knowing. I even made myfitnesspal diary meal entries look like i didn't eat all that food. And today I haven't used my diary because I am so ashamed of myself and of course its been a road trip so I've eaten pretty crappy.

So where do i go from here? I am certainly not giving up my goal of losing weight becoming as healthy as I can be! I have a stubborn streak that wont let me give up, even if I'm the slowest to lose it, i will get there! I feel like i really need to sit and meditate on the last few days and really consider why I do what I do. I know what needs to be done, its putting it into action that's hard.

Sometimes i wish i had a friend to do this journey with, the go to the gym with. Yes there are some women in Kalgoorlie doing the 12wbt journey but getting round to catching up is hard. Again this is a whole different story which will get sorted. So i hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to comment. I'm certainly needing some input! xx