Monday, June 25, 2012

So Im gonna be fat anyway, why bother!??

This is the line my father gave me a few days ago as regards my weight loss!! Aparently genetics will see me balloon to a huge size and unforseen circumstances that prevent me from exercising will see me put on weight!


The best thing about this program is learning to change your mindset toward food and oneself that most importantly sees me with success. Now i have said in the past nutrition has been the hardest thing to change for me, but the thing about it is, I am changing, I know when I go wrong and the best part about it is I make the effort to change. Im not perfect, and stuff up occassionally, but this is my journey, and Im the one putting in the effort! This is not one of those fad diets that gets you starving yourself or limiting certain foods, rather, learning to have a positive view on food. That it is a source of fuel, that eating a wide variety of healthy foods is good for your body, wholefoods, real food is good for you and taking out the proccessed, sugary and salty foods, leads to better health in the future as we get older.

When man was created, we were made to eat vegetable based foods, it wasnt until after the great flood of Noahs day that humans started eating meat, for sources of iron and protein. If we look at this fact, it shows what should be in our diets mostly. We are surrounded by so much proccessed, fake food these days and its shoved down our throats so to speak through the media, its no wonder people have this perception that we all will end up fat eventually.

I am so thankful that I chose this program, in a way its rebooted my thinking on food and how i wish to live my life. I may not be able to exercise as much as i do now when I am much older but i certainly will have the power to choose the right food and correct portions to keep me living healthily in to the future.

So while he is pretending to have X syndrome ( which means you cant lose weight no matter what you do) while shoving KFC down his throat, Im going to continue on my merry way, with plenty of healthy food in my diet, without portion distortion, and get in the exercise I need on a daily basis. Heres to a healthy future and no fat ass!!

p.s I dont hate my father, i just cant stand the crap he says at times!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where did my self belief go????

So I thought i would write about the past week or so. I know Ive been filling you in with a bit about my history with 12wbt, but now its time to write about how things are going currently.

As per usual, when my husband comes home, I seem to find myself eating foods that are not benefiting my health or my weight loss. Having someone in my household that criticizes every healthy meal I make really at times wears me down. I love my husband to bits but he can be such a stressful person to live with, especially since i only see him once every 2 weeks. And when he comes home fills the house with so much chocolate, chips, and any other type of unhealthy snack imaginable, that I find myself reaching for a chocolate, or a handful of chips or a glass of coke zero, trying to convince myself i can work it off, but in reality, its really working against what Ive been working so darn hard for!!

I have 4, probably 5kg after my husbands week home, to work off this round and we are almost 1/3 of the way through and here I am plateauing!! I'm so close to my goal i can see it, but as my good friend and trainer at the gym said to me this week, you can workout as hard as you want but your best results are seen in the kitchen, eating clean is the way to lose those last few kg!! A little kick in the guts for me, because I know it already that's what i need to do!!

So my aim this week, throw out all the "snack" food my hubby has brought into the house, and get off my lazy butt, I'm no longer sick, so cant use that as an excuse, and get cooking all those meals that Ive made an effort to print out from last week and this week that I can freeze. Get ORGANISED!! Hubby isn't here to interfere, so JFDI!!

From right NOW, I am telling myself "I can do this!! I am strong, I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!! You will conquer, and break this brick wall of self doubt!!" (despite downing a jack daniels, and half a packet of pringles, bloody hell, i should have thrown them out before opening them!.... OK the rest are now in the bin!!)

I read through my commitment again today and noted I said I would do this program with honesty and truth and that I would be fully committed to this program. I started out great, but let sickness and the stress of dealing with things with hubby get to me. Now he is out of the picture, so to speak, well for 2 weeks that is, I can refocus and recommit to this mission of losing the last 5kg.

Here's to the rest of 12wbt round 2, getting on with the show and becoming lean and fit!! Love ya's!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Newsletter at local Gym!!

Just thought I would share the newsletter that my local gym did on me this month! Its great to be able to share my story, but feel funny they have the story plastered all over the gym! lol. just a little self conscious!

I have changed my goals since this story was written as i now run 2km regularly, and fully focussed on following the Lean and Fit program! Well anyway im just copying and pasting the story from what they sent me. Hope you enjoy!!

P.s there is a bit of promoting of the gym that i didnt really say, but its totally expected! Im just happy i could promote 12wbt! It must have worked since so many people in Kalgoorlie this round have joined the program!! :)

Newsletter Copy – Susanne Nona          

Just a year ago, Susanne Nona was suffering with chronic fatigue and weighed 88kgs. One night, whilst watching The Biggest Loser at home, Susanne decided it was time to make a change. The program inspired her to get fit and change her lifestyle – and now she’s down to 70kgs and feeling happier and healthier than ever!

Susanne, 29, is originally from Perth but has lived in Kalgoorlie for eight years. She lives with her husband Joey and their two children Malachi, 6 and new baby Amelia, 18 months. She’s agreed to share her story with us.

Susanne said: “I have suffered from chronic fatigue for many years following a bout of glandular fever at 17 years of age. It’s a really hard illness to deal with and it took years for doctors to diagnose me properly. There is no cure for the illness, symptoms of which include low immune system, aches and pains and fatigue; however I have found that exercise has helped heaps. Losing weight has definitely improved all of my symptoms and given me a new lease of life.

“I began my journey after watching the Biggest Loser. It really inspired me to change my lifestyle and get fit and healthy. Many times I have tried to lose weight and haven’t been very successful. I needed help. The reality is I needed to stop looking for quick fixes and work hard to change my life. I began researching ways to kick start my new lifestyle and settled on the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. I can’t recommend this more highly – the support, mindset lessons, exercise and nutrition plans have helped me so much I’m now on my fourth round. It truly changed the way I thought about food and it revolutionised my lifestyle.

“In addition to the Michelle Bridges plan, I also joined the Oasis. I made the most of the free support that the Oasis offers and had my fitness appraisal and received my personalised gym program. This helped me get going in the right direction and get a feel of what I enjoyed and what worked. I regularly get my programs updated to keep me interested and challenged; Rae, one of the Oasis gym instructors, has been amazing and helped inspire and push me so much.

“My workouts are always varied; I complete my gym program at the Oasis, do group fitness classes like Attack and Combat (I started out with the lower impact ones and worked my way up), I do some boxing, circuit work and a lot of running with a family friend. Kate has helped me believe in myself again and continue to reach my potential, which she really knows, because of growing up with my family.  This means, I have to work harder than I would like to get away with! All in all I try to do something four or five days a week.”

“I love running and keep setting myself little goals. I can now run 1km in 5 minutes, so my new goals now are to run 2km, 5km and complete the Women’s Triathlon this year. I’m enjoying my journey so much that I’m studying my Cert 3 in Fitness now… so who knows where that will take me!

“I just love the Oasis. The reception staff are so nice and always remember my name, the gym staff are so qualified and inspiring and my children just adore the crèche girls. I’ve been to other gyms and they just don’t even compare.

“I am aiming to lose another 5kgs before I reach my target weight; but I’m well on my way. At this point I want to share my story and encourage other people. It is possible. It just takes a lot of hard work. Don’t make excuses – no matter what your situation you can work round it. Don’t be afraid to reach your dreams. Just Focus and Do it!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A bit more about myself

Well i know last blog entry i was going to tell you about our Kalgoorlie crew, but after reading Lisa Hethringtons blog entry, Ive been inspired to try to attempt to write abit more of an in depth about myself. I have so many thoughts about where to begin, and my problem is when i attempt to share my story i only scratch the surface and never really let people know the true me.

 The person i once was, is now a shadow of what i have become. I must say, this program of 12wbt has certainly changed me. Ive become a much more confident within myself and how i deal with other people. I certainly don't put up with others garbage but i certainly know how to control myself in a situation and know when to speak up. The mindset lessons, are really something i have taken into every aspect of my life, not just when it comes to food and exercise.

Doing my fourth round, I find the mindset lessons still very informative and take something new away from them each time. Since I've been quite ill over the last 4 to 5 days, and mostly in bed, its given me time to think about things. My hubby was asking me how much doing this program has cost me. When i told how much he was shocked at the amount. But i told him if i were to hire a personal trainer, i would spend that much in a fortnight as i do for 12 weeks doing this program and not get half of the invaluable information i receive.

Like I've said it before to so many people, Michelle has to be doing this out of the love of it than the money, even though so many people are doing the program now, she could easily charge a lot more money and yet provides so much more than any other program out there. I personally really appreciate it. Especially since its changed my life.

I have learnt to trust that the program works. Trust is a big issue for me, and i go around thinking that i cant rely on anyone except for myself. I am learning to allow help, and no that even tho i attempt to be a super woman everyday, being a mother, wife and every other person you have to be to get through each day, that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Part of my problem has been, know who is genuinely there for you. So many people say, if you need help, just ask, but when you ask, no one is around to help. So I've turned around and said stuff it! Slowly but surely, i have found the right people to be around that truly want to be around to help me. And even though this program is not a person, it has been something i have learnt to trust. I realised i cant do it on my own and need that extra help. I trust it works and I'm seeing the results!

Here is my results from round 2 last year to now.... :)
p.s I'm actually slightly slimmer than this now too!!

Hope you enjoy your read!

SusieNona! xx

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Since last friday, Ive been sick with tonsilitis. Its left me feeling weak, feverish for 2 days, headaches and very sore throat. So ive been resting up, trying to cope. Its the worst feeling when all you want to go to the gym and bein stuck in bed resting up. It is all for the best though.

So i wanted to share with you a little about the last three rounds. Last year when i started 12wbt, i didnt know of anyone doing the program in Kalgoorlie. In a town of 35,000 i was hoping for at least one person! Anyway, i had heard there was one other, but i never got round to meeting her. I did meet one lady i did boxing with that did the first round of 12wbt in 2011. Apart from that i was pretty much on my own and wishing i had some more support.

I started out doing my fitness tests in my little backyard. I made a circuit from one side of the yard and around the clothesline and back. And 1km estimated to around 27 to 28 laps. After being brave enough to join the gym i started expanding where i did my work outs. Going from dvds, my backyard to the group work outs and the local oval to do my fitness test.

I found alot of comfort in writing my blog on the forums and at the time didnt have a clue how to start a blog like this one up. Getting the occasional reply and especially from Lisa Hethrington, gave me a great deal of encouragement to keep going. Changing habits that when i think about it were really a life time and finally caught up with me and increased as an adult are really hard to change. I had good moments and bad, even through out the last round i did. I find fitness easier to work on and improve than nutrition. I am certainly getting there though!! I wouldnt have lost weight if i wasnt improving.

Doing two rounds of Huggies, was amazing. I loved the smaller less crowded forums, and it was really sad to see in the end the forums were really being used. Even in this round now that the two are combined, though at the moment there are many in the forums, i still see many in the facebook groups, spend much more time on facebook and little if any time on the forums. I find the forums really encouraging. Though facebook can be instant, i would definitely agree with the forums being where you get accurate advice from.

I remember late last round i went off at a few in the huggies facebook group because very few had been on the forums on the 12wbt website. They were nominating someone from the group as being encouraging or inspiring. Now nothing against who they choose. But my point was no one should be considered unworthy of praise if you dont know or havent read their story. Next thing the forums were busy again. I adore these ladies for the encouragement they share on the facebook group. I like to speak up when i think something is not right, which usually ends up with me in hot water. But i can live with that. I have been most of my life, getting in trouble for what i believe in!!

Anyhow, here is a pic of the 12wbt crew in Kalgoorlie! It is only a pinch of the whole group, as we have gone from 30 to 50 members since last round!! I will tell you more about them next blogg!! :)

Round 2 2012 12wbt

I started writing my blog on the 12wbt website, but to be apart of the weekly surprise I am back at blogging on my Blogger.

A bit about myself! Im a fourth round 12wbter, In the three recent rounds I lost a total of 18kg. I have 2 beautiful children aged 6 and 19mths, who keep me very busy and my best friend and hubby who works many hours to keep our family going which means he has to work away and for 2 weeks at a time I am on my own raising the kids and running the house. It can be difficult at times, as I suffer chronic fatigue, other wise known as Fibro myalgia. Many of the symptoms include, low immune system, body aches and pains, migraines and fatigue. The list goes on, but i think i would bore you with it. Its something i have been coping with for over 10years now. And my hubby has learnt to bear with it as he finds it hard with all the naps i need to take just to cope on a daily basis.

When I started this weightloss I was a little scared by it all, scared that i would fail once again at attempting to lose weight, and end up bigger than when i first started, which is the way it used to be every  other attempt i made at losing weight. I have not always been overweight. I was quite slim and athletic growing up. I was always apart of the faction and interschool carnivals, and won a few trophies, though they were runnerups I was pretty proud of myself.

So back to beginning 12wbt. First round I lost 9kg, and the last 2 rounds a total of 9 all together again. Its been a really interesting journey. Earlier in this blogg i wrote about having a miscarriage through my second round of 12wbt which set me back with my weightloss, and took several months to get over. It took my body at least 4 months to start working regularly and through the last round my sister lost twins which sent me back emotionally to how i felt when i lost my baby. I have to admit i was pretty hard on myself. I really didnt cope and I ate emotionally which didnt help me at all!

This round, I have started alot more focussed. I smashed my one month goal hours after i set it, which was to run 2km non stop! I saw there was a competition at the gym to run the fastest 2km. Well i know i wouldnt be the fastest but i certainly saw the challenge to run the 2kms as achieveable. I got throught the 2km in 12mins. I felt like it killed me after! After a bit of a rest i got into my workout and realised how refreshing it was, like flushing the cobwebs out of the system. It set me up for a great work out!

This round is lean and fit for me, so will be blogging about it soon!! :)