Sunday, July 8, 2012

Me Time!

So, this week I have been giving myself more time for me. Life gets pretty hectic when hubby's work schedule gets turned upside down, coming home on days he is supposed to be working and working on days he is supposed to be taking off. We have finally reached school holidays for my son and in between, taking him to school, picking him up, avoiding the cleaning by going to the gym, and shopping and plenty of coffees, Ive been feeling a little run down and emotional. I decided that this week I would take it easier as far as the gym is concerned. I have been working out from Monday until Thursday. Friday came along and I was lacking in sleep and needed a rest. I did get out for a walk with the kids and a good friend and did some cleaning and washing. Something that had been avoided for most of the week. It felt nice to have the house a bit more normal. Saturday is my usual SSS, but this weekend I put my focus on a few more important matters, which meant I was giving something to myself, to my children and to my God, which was sharing bible truths with people. Now I'm not going to get all preachy on here, I am a very honest person that is all. But preaching is something I have put off for most of the year and when I share bible truths with people it is not only giving something to others but I get a benefit of sharing or giving to others, whether they respond favorably or not. It set my children and I up for quite a relaxing a peaceful afternoon. I have to say that my weekend has actually been quick relaxing, And I am actually looking forward to my plans for the week of exercise, now that i have had a rest and time to refocus. I get to tackle SSS on Monday, and keep following the plan for the rest of the week.

I was feeling quite overwhelmed and starting to lose interest in everything this past week, knowing that I wasn't fitting in the important things into my schedule. My husband was getting upset when he came home seeing that things weren't running smoothly. He does help me catch up on the housework and we share the cooking too. So its time to get my diary back out and fill it in, and stop spending so much time on facebook!! Such a horrid invention at times!! Its actually probably a good thing that my phone screen cracked, as I am not on it 24/7 like I was, it was becoming a problem, and a bad addiction.

So! I'm looking forward to getting on with the show, and feel refreshed for the new week. I hope you all have a great week of healthy eating and exercise!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dress shopping!!

So last week was a really busy one for me, gymming and dress shopping. Now i know its early but i love a bit of retail therapy, so decided since i am only a couple of kgs away from my goal weight it wouldnt hurt to look at dresses for finale. I do have the option of changing it closer to date if i still have it on layby and it doesnt fit, though the dress i have chosen is rather snug and I love it, so does hubby.

I have already planned my weekend before finale, and the weekend of finale. Im so excited about the fact that I can finally go!

Onto the subject of exercise, I have been thoroughly enjoying the workouts in the Lean and Fit program. They are challenging, but I am really seeing results I havent seen in a while. Having an ankle injury in the first round this year, saw me not being able to do as much as I wanted and alot of my gym work was focussed on recovery, so i got to the point that I wasnt getting the results from my workouts that I wanted. After 3 rounds I felt I was really ready to conquer lean and fit. I run so much more and sometimes the workouts are spew worthy!! I love the toning days the most, it really challenges me regarding what weights I use and though I am hurting so much I make myself finish the reps, even if i need to stop for 30secs or so to continue, i make sure i finish them. That way i feel i have done my workout with integrity. I find even on my toning days I burn quite alot of calories. I much prefer my workouts in the gym then the classes.

My wonderful hubby went down to perth for some job courses just last week and decided to pop into a Lorna Jane store for me! It was hard to judge what size to get as I wasnt there, but he came home with all Medium sizing, which is around size 12 and to my utter joy and surprise the clothing fit and look amazing!! Even the sports bra was a medium and fits me!! It just makes me feel like all my hard work is really paying off!! From size 18 to size 12! Im loving my new body and the results!! My hubby tells me how proud he is of me and talks about me being a fitness freak, even to his doctor!

The only negative Ive had is my weekend workout didnt happen. I got to the gym and after a really stressful morning with my a.d.d son, I just couldnt get my mind and body to function! I did my 1km trial run which i normal do with ease, 7seconds faster then last time, but my body was screaming the whole time I was running. I finished my run and laid down for 5 minutes. I think part of it was still not feeling 100% from being quite ill a week or so ago, and feeling like I was pushing myself too hard when I was needing to rest more.

Anyway, to make up for my non existant workout on Saturday I decided to do this weekends SSS today. I burnt 820 calories. I was a challenging workout with so many squats and pushups. I think the easiest part of my work out was the step ups. Even the ab work was hard. Was so glad I got through it. I certainly sweated up a storm!

Anyway, here is the dress I have decided on. If I keep going the way I am with my nutrition and exercise by the time finale comes round I might be too slim for it!! See how I go!!