Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1.4kg Loss.. woohoo!!

I know Ive already posted on 12wbt about my loss and of course on Facebook as I couldn't contain my excitement. Since moving to Perth I've been doing nothing but gaining and it really comes down to what I've been putting in my gob! There has been plenty of stress with family getting used to living with each other.

Now that I've found a good median and we are all settling, I'm eating a lot cleaning. When I woke up this morning I felt lighter and so had to check. Lately I've been weighing with clothes on so I've stuck to it. I know its generally done first thing in the morning, with no clothes on but currently there is only one scale in the house and that is in my parents room, so need to get myself a pair once I can afford it.

There isn't really a lot so say really except its made all the effort to make small changes has been worth it. I'm not starving myself and when ever I'm hungry I snack on fruit.

Ive done my first preseason task about excuses. I realised a few excuses I had and many of them were to do with paralysis by analysis and not thinking about what I was eating. I know I must make the effort regarding food and exercise.

Anyway until next post...... ciao! :)

Positive changes and moving on.

Hi everyone!! Its been a while! I just read through my last post and it was a bit tough. Things were a bit hard for me and I wasn't coping!

So whats happened since!?? We have moved to Perth!! Staying with family which to begin with was really stressful but things has really settled down. I have made some new and wonderful friends, and got my antidepressants sorted. Much more calm and settled.

Now I have rejoined the 12wbt for a genuine go! After my success last year of losing 20kg, missing a round, bad things happened and I joined 2 more times where i didn't follow all the way through... I can pretty much say I am ready and stable to succeed again!

I am in a much better place and now have a work out partner for the first time! I also have the ocean to jog and walk to as long as the weather is good and making it even harder to make excuses is a treadmill and dumbbells! Gotta to prioritise my days and fit in exercise. Ive been suffering with a bit of paralysis by analysis, so its time to change all that.

Ive been making small changes to my diet, being more conscience about the type of foods i eat and snacking on fruit, drinking plenty of water too.

For my well being I have been getting massages which is helping me with migraines and sleeping better.

There you go, slowly progressing and on the way to success! lets get the ball rolling!! :)