Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Positive changes and moving on.

Hi everyone!! Its been a while! I just read through my last post and it was a bit tough. Things were a bit hard for me and I wasn't coping!

So whats happened since!?? We have moved to Perth!! Staying with family which to begin with was really stressful but things has really settled down. I have made some new and wonderful friends, and got my antidepressants sorted. Much more calm and settled.

Now I have rejoined the 12wbt for a genuine go! After my success last year of losing 20kg, missing a round, bad things happened and I joined 2 more times where i didn't follow all the way through... I can pretty much say I am ready and stable to succeed again!

I am in a much better place and now have a work out partner for the first time! I also have the ocean to jog and walk to as long as the weather is good and making it even harder to make excuses is a treadmill and dumbbells! Gotta to prioritise my days and fit in exercise. Ive been suffering with a bit of paralysis by analysis, so its time to change all that.

Ive been making small changes to my diet, being more conscience about the type of foods i eat and snacking on fruit, drinking plenty of water too.

For my well being I have been getting massages which is helping me with migraines and sleeping better.

There you go, slowly progressing and on the way to success! lets get the ball rolling!! :)

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