Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Inner Mongrel and Cooking up a Storm!

One thing you will get from me is honesty. When I struggle, when I succeed, when I'm happy or sad. Today is a mixture. I personally really struggle with my husbands moods when he comes off shift work. He drives me mad! I love him but could kick his arse for being a pain!

With all the negativity swirling around, I could have easily, curled up in a ball and gone to bed defeated. But today I got onto the 12wbt website, watched the video all about that inner mongrel. I decided to get on the treadmill, hill program, tabata and then an hour long walk pushing my daughter in her pram until we got caught in the rain! I put all my negative energy into a positive out come! My mantra today was "You call me fat, I will prove you wrong buster!" I feel so much better and proud of myself for doing it!

I am continuing to eat clean and I am not feeling hungry. As I am living with family it makes it difficult to have continuously clean food in the house. Lets just say because I am with family, there is all sorts of junk in the house. It is just pushing me to strengthen my will power. so far, so good. The new week has given me motivation to get into cooking more often again. I was struggling motivation as I am not an avid cook. On Tuesday I cooked Broccoli soup which in shock and absolute joy, my two kids, no surprise with my son but my toddler daughter is one of the fussiest eaters and usually wont eat veggies, and my nephew, again a fussy eater, not only ate it all up, but really enjoyed it! WINNING! Last night I made a lovely healthy chicken stir fry, my own secret recipe (last time I shared someone stole my recipe for a weekly challenge!) Kids were asking for more! My mum is really enjoying the meals and I guess the break from the kitchen, though she still has to cook for my dad as he is allergic to anything healthy.

I made a special trip to the local farmers market on Tuesday, and was so surprised by the prices. So much cheaper than the supermarket! I came home with a lot of fruit and veggies, so I can make soups and other healthy meals. Everything was bought with the purpose of cooking healthy meals and for me to get in the kitchen way more often. That way I can control the amount of fats and salt going into my food!

Til next time! Keep that inner mongrel running! :)

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