Friday, August 30, 2013

Joining the Gym again!

Just thought I should write about how everything is going. Firstly I am losing weight!! woohoo!! since the start of round I have lost just over a kilo and we are in week 3! I have been eating smaller portions and a lot healthier. I crave healthy food and made sure that when I feel like having a carb binge I go for fruit or a carmens bar. I also drink plenty of water and really feel the effects of not drinking enough when Ive had extremely busy days.

As far as exercise its a little slow, I do walking a lot but because we are not in our own home, as soon as I get on the treadmill and do a tabata workout I get told to SLOW DOWN.... sigh. So, Ive decided to check some gyms out and I think I have found the ONE! haha. Its a little further to go to but I finally got back that rush feeling I always do when I used to go to the gym. The crèche is great too. I really love the set up and if I go off peak it will fit right into my schedule and the crèche time table. Ive checked out their timetable for classes and the classes I want to do are at the times I am looking at going.

On another good new item, my hubby finally go the message he has to do something about his weight! Though he has done well losing 20kg, he has been plateauing. His medical for work this year, saw him only scrape through but has to make plenty of appointments with specialist to pass fully. The company he works for cater to the needs of the workers rather well. They work out bush and tiny towns. There is a gym set up and he has been going!! Im so proud of him! Its actually made me realise I have to pick up my game, as I will be able to brag along side him now, while we are both losing weight! I wont have to put up with his bragging all the time if Im doing the same too! We tend to have a bit of competition between us, to spur us on, with what ever we are doing and im really glad it has something to do with exercise this time! I know he will smash his goals, being a man they lose weight quicker but I will be proud of him either way!

Ok enough for the day! Hope you enjoy your read! Til next time! ciao! xx


  1. Hey congrats on your weight loss! That's great for only 3 weeks in! Also walking is really good but it's awesome that you've found a good gym that you're comfortable with; and score! about the class timetable working perfectly for you! That never seems to happen for me haha.

    Best wishes to both you and your husband on your journey!

  2. Thankyou so much for your encouragement! Yeah Ive usually had to get a more expensive membership but this will be perfect. I love the gym so will mix it up a lot! Thanks again! :)