Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What to do when your workout partner fails to commit!!

I've been pretty excited about the prospect of finally having a workout partner. Sadly things just haven't worked out. each and every time something was committed with out fail there was a cancellation. Now Ive found out that what I was being told as the reason why it didn't happen wasn't the truth at all. 

This is how it all went down in a fiery ball of hell..... for the 3rd time our workout was cancelled. The reason being she had to clean and catch up on the housework. Fine..... I jokingly put a post on her facebook page about no excuses. as I was looking through motivational pics for myself to get on with doing a workout on my own i shared on my OWN timeline pics that would inspire me. 

Later I found out that she took it that it was an attack on her, and had a major vent on facebook going as far as not mentioning my name but basically was about me. Lets just say i apologized and told her the posts were for encouragement not an attack on her. I have to admit that I was completely knocked over by the vent and felt very hurt and insulted. I told her that space is what she needed and space is what I will give her out of respect for her request. I didn't attack her or insult her but felt by what information she had given me I hadn't seen posting motivation pics and on my own facebook page that I did anything wrong. 

She finally told me that she didn't want to tell me the real reason for backing out. I was only trying to go by the timetable that she organised!  So, back to just relying on myself to get out there and JFDI!!! 

I've done it before so no reason why I cant again. 

Right now I am sick with a cold and chestiness but you know what?! I got up nice an early, got on the treadmill (that's been waiting for me to start it up for I don't know how long) and spent 10 minutes walking and running building up a sweat. I next did a fat burner tabata that was a whole body workout. so all together 16 mins or so. A short workout but a workout none the less I sweated and felt so good for doing it! 

See!! Never is a workout regretted! 

I'm so excited the 1st week has been open. I must complete all my measurements and do my fitness test now! :) On with the show! :) xx

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