Saturday, September 14, 2013

Getting my Grooooove Back!!!

This week has been all about changes that have seen me becoming a much more positive and happier person. It started out with joining the gym again which my hubby graciously volunteered to pay for... ( one of the many things he doesn't know he volunteers for! hehehe). I have been to 3 classes this week. Rpm, Zumba and Sh'bam.

I am feeling like I am getting my life back again. I am finally looking after myself. Giving myself, me time, time to feel like a human again!! It is a great social outlet and frustration outlet away from kids and hubby.

One highlight this week is meeting former 12wbt champion, Tracey Dunn! I went up to her not realising it and asked about spray and wipe for the equipment as in my old gym we had to wipe down the machines each time. She looked up at me and smiled and I repeated myself and then said, "And why do you look so familiar to me!?" Then she tells me who she was and was over the moon. I had a wonderful conversation with her, great advice and encouragement. I have been following Tracey for a while and its so encouraging seeing the dedication she has put into her weight loss and now figure competitions.

Today I went to the gym and tried another new class, Sh'Bam. Wow, what a workout that is, almost as intense as attack in some parts. To top it off the instructor was a friend of mine and after taking my daughter out of crèche, we ran in the rain to the café next door, which I had never been to, gorgeous place too, and she shouted me a macchiato, and we talked for over an hour.

I feel like I've been not only looking after myself, people I know have been looking out for me too.
I realise I have some beautiful friends but when depression overtakes my positive thinking, I feel like I am the loneliest person. I also don't want people to be around me when I'm feeling so low. Exercise really is a natural antidepressant. I forgot for a while how great it was. No wonder I was so addicted to working out all the time in the past. I can appreciate my friends much more too!

So onward and upwards I'm going, each day with a smile on my face!!

Enjoy!! :)


  1. So many amazing things! It would have been awesome to meet trad! Also it's great that you were able to catch up with your friend and that you're feeling so much better for working out.

    I hope you keep feeling amazing!!

  2. Thank you Emily! It really was awesome to meet trad! such a determined and positive person! I have to take each day as it comes and try to look for the positives in life! I have to keep getting to the gym, its my outlet and relief! I hope you journey is going well too! :)