Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just blogging

I felt like blogging today to talk about how I am going so far. This is my 3rd round of 12wbt, so it should be second nature to me. I have to admit I am still learning lessons about staying on path. I realise the days I don't use myfitnesspal diary I tend to fail. It reminds me of a live feed we had last round about, going back to our food diaries and seeing where we are going wrong. For me this week, its eating way to many carbs. We have been on the bones of our arses lately due to big bills and very little for food. I have had to be very creative with meals and make sure I add vegies to dinner even if its the frozen kind. I have been though eating alot of bread so ive been despite all the exercise ive been doing have been plateauing. My hubby is still in the habit of relying on staples such as rice and bread, and very little veggies. So I really have make the effort to add veggies even if I get a resounding NO from everybody! For example last night I made spaghetti bolognaise and I added veggies despite hubby would have preferred none at all. It turned out quite nice and I was praised for such a lovely meal. That's a win for me!!  Last round I actually cut alot of bread and rice out of my diet, and felt the benefit of it. Only wholemeal and multi grain bread is consumed in our house, thank goodness because my hubby used to eat only white bread, but caused him pretty bad bouts of gout!

Its so encouraging reading all the posts from everyone in the forum, some are so nervous and don't know if they will succeed, others are fired up and determined. I remember, as a newbie, (not that long ago too) I would look forward to receiving a reply by someone who had done previous rounds and knew this was a very successful program, and now its my turn to share some encouragement. It takes alot of effort sometimes to put yourself out there to leave a message for someone to reassure all will be ok and to put a smile on their face. Like Mish said, its not just about ourselves! We are a team, so we must encourage one another. Well it was along those lines. I have to admit I still like being encouraged too! :)

So today it is back to using my food diary and imprinting those new habits into my brain even deeper. If we don't remind ourselves to stay on track, we get slack!

Ive also got a very sore left leg, my knee was throbbing last night but have discovered its a very tight hamstring, making my whole leg ache. I think it may be from my new work out program. Ive been stretching it out and using a massager, my hubby calls the thumper as it literally thumps your muscles until they are loose. Best investment ever!

So on with the show!! I'm not about to give up! I want this so bad!! I will and am determined to get past this plateau!! Here we go!! :)

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