Monday, January 30, 2012

Commitment Made!!

Today I made my commitment for the new round. Wow, I find this gets just a little easier each time, but it still brings up the nerves. I have to learn to shake off the self doubts and JFDI. I worry that I wont make it. Something will get in my way, an injury, sickness, etc. Not being committed means I can take it a little easier but really, my goal is to lose 10kg for the round. So I need to be committed. It takes hard work and COMMITMENT to achieve.

In between rounds has been interesting, to say the least. I have had many fall backs. The one lesson I have learnt as time is going on and the round is close to starting, I can achieve more than I ever imagined in such a long time! What have I achieved you say?? I have started attending body attack classes, I completed my first rpm class, I got up nice and early this morning and did 600 metres which is 12 laps in the pool. I felt so good after my swim this morning! I haven't been able to swim so well in over 10 years. My technique was in my eyes fantastic. Attending classes I never did in the previous rounds is such a huge achievement for me. I feel fantastic.

My ultimate goal as mentioned previously was to complete a triathlon. In October there is a women's triathlon locally and now with the local 12wbt crew going off on facebook, I have noted there are a few girls wanting to do it too! Best of all I can see myself doing it! My goals and dreams are fast becoming a reality. The triathlon maybe a fair few months away, but in that time, i can buy the road bike i need and improve on my skills in the pool, running and riding.

So my fall backs? My main one at the moment is eating clean. I recently have had a few blow outs, but one thing i have learnt about it is i can and quickly get back up and back on track. Life is about learning. I am learning to get back up and back on track alot faster these days and be completely honest about it. Using myfitnesspal has been helping me to know where and how much i go wrong. My food diary is public for my friends to see and comment. I really appreciate their support!

OK, so my commitment is to lose 10kg this round and to exercise 6 days a week rain, hail or shine!! Big commitment, but I am willing to give 120% to make it happen!! :)

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