Sunday, January 15, 2012

Preseason Begins!!

I have to say, Im so excited about this round! 12wbt has been an amazing journey so far and with all the ups and downs that come along, ive always picked myself up and kept going. Sometimes it feels like 2 steps back and 1 step forward. I truely believe its not how fast you get there its that you keep going and make it to the end of your journey!

Its been an interesting time for me inbetween season. Firstly I had a miscarriage, which i talk about in my first post, so if you have time take a gander. Secondly ive been trying to tackle the issue of self sabotage. I put on 3 kilos over the holiday break. But ive already dropped a kilo! so YaY!!! We went on holidays down to the beautiful town of Esperance with white squeeky sand, and crystal clear waters. so beautiful! You havent seen amazing beaches until you have been to Esperance!

During the inbetween rounds, Ive been learning to push myself more than i ever have before. I started attending body attack classes at the gym and I tell you I nearly died the first class but its slowly getting easier. My PT has upped the anti on my gym program too, working on alot more toning as well as interval training on the tredmill. I am learning to love running more and more. I run at an incline of 3 to 3.5% and slowly increasing my run speed. I run for 30 seconds to a minute at 8.5km and then walk for 30 seconds. I feel like i could run alot longer, but at the moment these intervals are good. I really must print out the interval training Mish has on the program.

Ive also enquired about the local Tri group! Its exciting stuff! Alot of the training is free too! My ultimate goal is to do a triathlon, so I will keep you upto date with this goal! 

One thing im concerned about is getting myself organised. I think one change i will make this round is doing cooking on the weekend and freeze certain meals. I love the pumpkin soup and I know there are a few other recipes that are freezer friendly, so thats my plan, big cook ups and freezer full of foods. Ive never been a very well organised person, though when i make the effort I reap the rewards.

Well I better go introduce myself on preseason task 1!! 

Ciao!! Mwah!!

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