Sunday, January 22, 2012

How my weekend has been!

Hi everyone,

I thought i would add to my blog about how my weekend has been. I believe i have started to turn a new corner. I told myself that this time my journey would be different. I will be more prepared and more involved than the last. This isn't just about me, I need to show my support to newbies and return members. I still need support so how much more so should I be giving others my support. We are a team.

Its taking me this long to get my head around it all. Maybe I'm a slow learner and things don't click into place as quick as others but I can say I am finally doing it. To be give is so much better than receiving. I'm sure this is why Michelle created this program. It must be a joy to see all those changing their lives because of such wonderful advise!

So how has my weekend been? Well maybe i should say how has my week been. Well Its been really good I have to say. I enjoyed having my hubby home for a long weekend and since Tuesday when he left for work again I have been at the gym doing my new program. Man it is a killer!! So love it though!! I was going to rest on Saturday as I was tired and sore from my work out on Friday but changed my mind and got kids ready as I already booked the creche and headed to the gym for my usual and new addiction of Body Attack, such a great way to combat my ever increasing efforts to complete a SSS!!

One thing I didn't do the last couple of rounds was do big cook ups and freeze foods on the weekend for the week and further ahead. Well that has all changed. Earlier this week I bought I huge pumpkin and yesterday and today I cooked up 12wbt Thai pumpkin soup I have varied the sizes as some will be for feeding the kids and myself and also some with just a serve for myself. I felt like I really accomplished something huge, I am moving ahead and probably saving myself alot of money in the long run! Next weekend it will be veggie pasta!! Yumm!!

My next step is to prepare ahead for red flags! Another thing I didn't do the last few rounds. Tomorrow, as it will be a pay day for me, I will be heading out and buying a really nice diary and fancy pen, just to make it special to write all my red flag days down, I'm thinking when hubby gets home from work I should just mark that whole week as a red flag as its always hard for me! hehehe! I will be writing in my diary every morning "Flex that Will Power Muscle!"

Anyway I must get on with my evening, planning on some relaxing reading and an early night!! Goodnight my fellow 12wbters!!

:) xo

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