Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where did my self belief go????

So I thought i would write about the past week or so. I know Ive been filling you in with a bit about my history with 12wbt, but now its time to write about how things are going currently.

As per usual, when my husband comes home, I seem to find myself eating foods that are not benefiting my health or my weight loss. Having someone in my household that criticizes every healthy meal I make really at times wears me down. I love my husband to bits but he can be such a stressful person to live with, especially since i only see him once every 2 weeks. And when he comes home fills the house with so much chocolate, chips, and any other type of unhealthy snack imaginable, that I find myself reaching for a chocolate, or a handful of chips or a glass of coke zero, trying to convince myself i can work it off, but in reality, its really working against what Ive been working so darn hard for!!

I have 4, probably 5kg after my husbands week home, to work off this round and we are almost 1/3 of the way through and here I am plateauing!! I'm so close to my goal i can see it, but as my good friend and trainer at the gym said to me this week, you can workout as hard as you want but your best results are seen in the kitchen, eating clean is the way to lose those last few kg!! A little kick in the guts for me, because I know it already that's what i need to do!!

So my aim this week, throw out all the "snack" food my hubby has brought into the house, and get off my lazy butt, I'm no longer sick, so cant use that as an excuse, and get cooking all those meals that Ive made an effort to print out from last week and this week that I can freeze. Get ORGANISED!! Hubby isn't here to interfere, so JFDI!!

From right NOW, I am telling myself "I can do this!! I am strong, I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!! You will conquer, and break this brick wall of self doubt!!" (despite downing a jack daniels, and half a packet of pringles, bloody hell, i should have thrown them out before opening them!.... OK the rest are now in the bin!!)

I read through my commitment again today and noted I said I would do this program with honesty and truth and that I would be fully committed to this program. I started out great, but let sickness and the stress of dealing with things with hubby get to me. Now he is out of the picture, so to speak, well for 2 weeks that is, I can refocus and recommit to this mission of losing the last 5kg.

Here's to the rest of 12wbt round 2, getting on with the show and becoming lean and fit!! Love ya's!!

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