Monday, June 25, 2012

So Im gonna be fat anyway, why bother!??

This is the line my father gave me a few days ago as regards my weight loss!! Aparently genetics will see me balloon to a huge size and unforseen circumstances that prevent me from exercising will see me put on weight!


The best thing about this program is learning to change your mindset toward food and oneself that most importantly sees me with success. Now i have said in the past nutrition has been the hardest thing to change for me, but the thing about it is, I am changing, I know when I go wrong and the best part about it is I make the effort to change. Im not perfect, and stuff up occassionally, but this is my journey, and Im the one putting in the effort! This is not one of those fad diets that gets you starving yourself or limiting certain foods, rather, learning to have a positive view on food. That it is a source of fuel, that eating a wide variety of healthy foods is good for your body, wholefoods, real food is good for you and taking out the proccessed, sugary and salty foods, leads to better health in the future as we get older.

When man was created, we were made to eat vegetable based foods, it wasnt until after the great flood of Noahs day that humans started eating meat, for sources of iron and protein. If we look at this fact, it shows what should be in our diets mostly. We are surrounded by so much proccessed, fake food these days and its shoved down our throats so to speak through the media, its no wonder people have this perception that we all will end up fat eventually.

I am so thankful that I chose this program, in a way its rebooted my thinking on food and how i wish to live my life. I may not be able to exercise as much as i do now when I am much older but i certainly will have the power to choose the right food and correct portions to keep me living healthily in to the future.

So while he is pretending to have X syndrome ( which means you cant lose weight no matter what you do) while shoving KFC down his throat, Im going to continue on my merry way, with plenty of healthy food in my diet, without portion distortion, and get in the exercise I need on a daily basis. Heres to a healthy future and no fat ass!!

p.s I dont hate my father, i just cant stand the crap he says at times!

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