Sunday, June 17, 2012

Round 2 2012 12wbt

I started writing my blog on the 12wbt website, but to be apart of the weekly surprise I am back at blogging on my Blogger.

A bit about myself! Im a fourth round 12wbter, In the three recent rounds I lost a total of 18kg. I have 2 beautiful children aged 6 and 19mths, who keep me very busy and my best friend and hubby who works many hours to keep our family going which means he has to work away and for 2 weeks at a time I am on my own raising the kids and running the house. It can be difficult at times, as I suffer chronic fatigue, other wise known as Fibro myalgia. Many of the symptoms include, low immune system, body aches and pains, migraines and fatigue. The list goes on, but i think i would bore you with it. Its something i have been coping with for over 10years now. And my hubby has learnt to bear with it as he finds it hard with all the naps i need to take just to cope on a daily basis.

When I started this weightloss I was a little scared by it all, scared that i would fail once again at attempting to lose weight, and end up bigger than when i first started, which is the way it used to be every  other attempt i made at losing weight. I have not always been overweight. I was quite slim and athletic growing up. I was always apart of the faction and interschool carnivals, and won a few trophies, though they were runnerups I was pretty proud of myself.

So back to beginning 12wbt. First round I lost 9kg, and the last 2 rounds a total of 9 all together again. Its been a really interesting journey. Earlier in this blogg i wrote about having a miscarriage through my second round of 12wbt which set me back with my weightloss, and took several months to get over. It took my body at least 4 months to start working regularly and through the last round my sister lost twins which sent me back emotionally to how i felt when i lost my baby. I have to admit i was pretty hard on myself. I really didnt cope and I ate emotionally which didnt help me at all!

This round, I have started alot more focussed. I smashed my one month goal hours after i set it, which was to run 2km non stop! I saw there was a competition at the gym to run the fastest 2km. Well i know i wouldnt be the fastest but i certainly saw the challenge to run the 2kms as achieveable. I got throught the 2km in 12mins. I felt like it killed me after! After a bit of a rest i got into my workout and realised how refreshing it was, like flushing the cobwebs out of the system. It set me up for a great work out!

This round is lean and fit for me, so will be blogging about it soon!! :)

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