Thursday, June 21, 2012

Newsletter at local Gym!!

Just thought I would share the newsletter that my local gym did on me this month! Its great to be able to share my story, but feel funny they have the story plastered all over the gym! lol. just a little self conscious!

I have changed my goals since this story was written as i now run 2km regularly, and fully focussed on following the Lean and Fit program! Well anyway im just copying and pasting the story from what they sent me. Hope you enjoy!!

P.s there is a bit of promoting of the gym that i didnt really say, but its totally expected! Im just happy i could promote 12wbt! It must have worked since so many people in Kalgoorlie this round have joined the program!! :)

Newsletter Copy – Susanne Nona          

Just a year ago, Susanne Nona was suffering with chronic fatigue and weighed 88kgs. One night, whilst watching The Biggest Loser at home, Susanne decided it was time to make a change. The program inspired her to get fit and change her lifestyle – and now she’s down to 70kgs and feeling happier and healthier than ever!

Susanne, 29, is originally from Perth but has lived in Kalgoorlie for eight years. She lives with her husband Joey and their two children Malachi, 6 and new baby Amelia, 18 months. She’s agreed to share her story with us.

Susanne said: “I have suffered from chronic fatigue for many years following a bout of glandular fever at 17 years of age. It’s a really hard illness to deal with and it took years for doctors to diagnose me properly. There is no cure for the illness, symptoms of which include low immune system, aches and pains and fatigue; however I have found that exercise has helped heaps. Losing weight has definitely improved all of my symptoms and given me a new lease of life.

“I began my journey after watching the Biggest Loser. It really inspired me to change my lifestyle and get fit and healthy. Many times I have tried to lose weight and haven’t been very successful. I needed help. The reality is I needed to stop looking for quick fixes and work hard to change my life. I began researching ways to kick start my new lifestyle and settled on the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. I can’t recommend this more highly – the support, mindset lessons, exercise and nutrition plans have helped me so much I’m now on my fourth round. It truly changed the way I thought about food and it revolutionised my lifestyle.

“In addition to the Michelle Bridges plan, I also joined the Oasis. I made the most of the free support that the Oasis offers and had my fitness appraisal and received my personalised gym program. This helped me get going in the right direction and get a feel of what I enjoyed and what worked. I regularly get my programs updated to keep me interested and challenged; Rae, one of the Oasis gym instructors, has been amazing and helped inspire and push me so much.

“My workouts are always varied; I complete my gym program at the Oasis, do group fitness classes like Attack and Combat (I started out with the lower impact ones and worked my way up), I do some boxing, circuit work and a lot of running with a family friend. Kate has helped me believe in myself again and continue to reach my potential, which she really knows, because of growing up with my family.  This means, I have to work harder than I would like to get away with! All in all I try to do something four or five days a week.”

“I love running and keep setting myself little goals. I can now run 1km in 5 minutes, so my new goals now are to run 2km, 5km and complete the Women’s Triathlon this year. I’m enjoying my journey so much that I’m studying my Cert 3 in Fitness now… so who knows where that will take me!

“I just love the Oasis. The reception staff are so nice and always remember my name, the gym staff are so qualified and inspiring and my children just adore the crèche girls. I’ve been to other gyms and they just don’t even compare.

“I am aiming to lose another 5kgs before I reach my target weight; but I’m well on my way. At this point I want to share my story and encourage other people. It is possible. It just takes a lot of hard work. Don’t make excuses – no matter what your situation you can work round it. Don’t be afraid to reach your dreams. Just Focus and Do it!!

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