Sunday, June 17, 2012


Since last friday, Ive been sick with tonsilitis. Its left me feeling weak, feverish for 2 days, headaches and very sore throat. So ive been resting up, trying to cope. Its the worst feeling when all you want to go to the gym and bein stuck in bed resting up. It is all for the best though.

So i wanted to share with you a little about the last three rounds. Last year when i started 12wbt, i didnt know of anyone doing the program in Kalgoorlie. In a town of 35,000 i was hoping for at least one person! Anyway, i had heard there was one other, but i never got round to meeting her. I did meet one lady i did boxing with that did the first round of 12wbt in 2011. Apart from that i was pretty much on my own and wishing i had some more support.

I started out doing my fitness tests in my little backyard. I made a circuit from one side of the yard and around the clothesline and back. And 1km estimated to around 27 to 28 laps. After being brave enough to join the gym i started expanding where i did my work outs. Going from dvds, my backyard to the group work outs and the local oval to do my fitness test.

I found alot of comfort in writing my blog on the forums and at the time didnt have a clue how to start a blog like this one up. Getting the occasional reply and especially from Lisa Hethrington, gave me a great deal of encouragement to keep going. Changing habits that when i think about it were really a life time and finally caught up with me and increased as an adult are really hard to change. I had good moments and bad, even through out the last round i did. I find fitness easier to work on and improve than nutrition. I am certainly getting there though!! I wouldnt have lost weight if i wasnt improving.

Doing two rounds of Huggies, was amazing. I loved the smaller less crowded forums, and it was really sad to see in the end the forums were really being used. Even in this round now that the two are combined, though at the moment there are many in the forums, i still see many in the facebook groups, spend much more time on facebook and little if any time on the forums. I find the forums really encouraging. Though facebook can be instant, i would definitely agree with the forums being where you get accurate advice from.

I remember late last round i went off at a few in the huggies facebook group because very few had been on the forums on the 12wbt website. They were nominating someone from the group as being encouraging or inspiring. Now nothing against who they choose. But my point was no one should be considered unworthy of praise if you dont know or havent read their story. Next thing the forums were busy again. I adore these ladies for the encouragement they share on the facebook group. I like to speak up when i think something is not right, which usually ends up with me in hot water. But i can live with that. I have been most of my life, getting in trouble for what i believe in!!

Anyhow, here is a pic of the 12wbt crew in Kalgoorlie! It is only a pinch of the whole group, as we have gone from 30 to 50 members since last round!! I will tell you more about them next blogg!! :)

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