Monday, June 18, 2012

A bit more about myself

Well i know last blog entry i was going to tell you about our Kalgoorlie crew, but after reading Lisa Hethringtons blog entry, Ive been inspired to try to attempt to write abit more of an in depth about myself. I have so many thoughts about where to begin, and my problem is when i attempt to share my story i only scratch the surface and never really let people know the true me.

 The person i once was, is now a shadow of what i have become. I must say, this program of 12wbt has certainly changed me. Ive become a much more confident within myself and how i deal with other people. I certainly don't put up with others garbage but i certainly know how to control myself in a situation and know when to speak up. The mindset lessons, are really something i have taken into every aspect of my life, not just when it comes to food and exercise.

Doing my fourth round, I find the mindset lessons still very informative and take something new away from them each time. Since I've been quite ill over the last 4 to 5 days, and mostly in bed, its given me time to think about things. My hubby was asking me how much doing this program has cost me. When i told how much he was shocked at the amount. But i told him if i were to hire a personal trainer, i would spend that much in a fortnight as i do for 12 weeks doing this program and not get half of the invaluable information i receive.

Like I've said it before to so many people, Michelle has to be doing this out of the love of it than the money, even though so many people are doing the program now, she could easily charge a lot more money and yet provides so much more than any other program out there. I personally really appreciate it. Especially since its changed my life.

I have learnt to trust that the program works. Trust is a big issue for me, and i go around thinking that i cant rely on anyone except for myself. I am learning to allow help, and no that even tho i attempt to be a super woman everyday, being a mother, wife and every other person you have to be to get through each day, that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Part of my problem has been, know who is genuinely there for you. So many people say, if you need help, just ask, but when you ask, no one is around to help. So I've turned around and said stuff it! Slowly but surely, i have found the right people to be around that truly want to be around to help me. And even though this program is not a person, it has been something i have learnt to trust. I realised i cant do it on my own and need that extra help. I trust it works and I'm seeing the results!

Here is my results from round 2 last year to now.... :)
p.s I'm actually slightly slimmer than this now too!!

Hope you enjoy your read!

SusieNona! xx

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