Friday, February 22, 2013


Hey everyone, so I thought I would write a quick entry about how Ive been feeling. Yesterday the usual plan is to go to cross fit. That didn't happen as I was in bet fighting off this back to school flu the kids have had. Thank goodness It hasn't hit me that bad though I am a bit tired, but I realised I missed yesterday and this mornings usual daily multivitamin. So once I got home I took it and I'm always surprised at how great it works as I was really ready to head back to bed.

 So as it was kicking in and I was checking all my notifications, that thought in my brain kept annoying me..... GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND WORK OUT!!!! ...... Constantly nagging!! So after ignoring it for a while and telling myself I'm not well enough... which really was partly true but more like and excuse.... I got off my butt and worked out! And you know what?????!!! I felt amazing after!!!!

Yep I'm tired now but I wont regret doing my workout!

I will be heading to bed early tonight so I can wake up feeling good to go to cross fit for SSS... the theme is wear a tie! My hubby has some nice ones but I might borrow one of my boys daggy ones that have been given to him, that way i wont worry about it getting dirty since he never wears them! :)

My fitness is really improving with the combination of lean & strong and cross fit.

Well I all hope you all have had a great week of workouts!!! Trust the program! it really works!! :)

Susie Nona xx

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