Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TTOTM Just for the Girls! And all about Fibro Myalgia!!

So I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself! I've had TTOTM and its been a really horrible one! I've been so so emotional, in a huge amount of pain and its been affecting my exercise routine as its left me doubled over, cramped up, flooding and not being able to move.

There have also been a lot of emotional issues to deal with as far as my son is concerned. With my husband working away he believes he is the head of the house and can do what he wants but with persistence and keeping up with my stubborn attitude to keep things running smoothly, my son is slowly getting there and his attitude is improving.

Normally I can push through and keep up with my exercise routine which also usually helps as far as this time of the month. So I feel set back and a bit frustrated not being able to do what I wish. I am having to be patient. I'm reading alot from friends who are exercising everyday, eating really well. I am really happy for them, I'm just wishing to be right in there in the mix of things and i cant. The extent I have been able to do recently is walking, so that's what I do!

Fibromyalgia Is the main cause of my health issues. Like anyone who has it, you worry about how to balance out your energy through the day, hoping to not expend it on one task otherwise you end up in bed, in pain all over and not being able to move.

12wbt has been amazing at reducing alot of the symptoms, though one thing I cant get rid of is the persistent tiredness, leading to priority one, sleep. Even doing the dishes at times can lead to a nap. Majority of the time I am spacing my days out with lots of rest in between what I need to do. Half the time not getting through the tasks and taking several days to finish, unlike my husband who can clean the house and get everything done with in an hour or two! How frustrating!!! Thank goodness I have such help though!

So how do I get through my workouts you say???!!! Well I really have to push through with mental strength. I have days where i feel fantastic and power through the workout, the day and go to bed feeling great. Other days I have to keep reminding myself of how great I will feel after a workout. And some days I just HAVE to rest!

So you may think I'm making excuses, the thing is, its a reality for me no matter how much I may try to convince my mind its not real, my body will let me know very abruptly when Ive pushed too hard. Just know that I am there mentally when it comes to fitness. I love it with a passion, wish to be working out as hard and as much as any normal healthy person. Its just a slower journey for me. Frustrating at times, and I wonder will I ever get to where i wish to be, but its happening. My journey is unique to me and I am learning so much along the way.

Even if I can share just apart of what my daily struggles are with someone going through the same thing and worrying about the journey, I just want them to know its all worth the work even if your journey is the scenic route! More discoveries of beautiful gems of knowledge along the way!

Susie Nona xxx

Mwah xxx

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