Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mind set changing!!

Hi everyone!!! Today I posting about my mindset!!! Its a work in progress but I am getting stronger!! Last round i let numbers on the scales affect my performance so this round I have made a commitment to stay strong! After seeing all the amazing results of Lean and Strong I was kicking myself, so I'm shouting out loud now, My MINDSET IS STRONG!!! NO SELF DOUBT!!! this round will be different!! I am genuinely giving it my all and trust the program works!

Doing lean and strong is not about weight loss but changing the body shape! Which is a huge change from the last few rounds I have done, focusing on the number on the scales, now I have let it all go, not worry about the scales, though I know I need to weigh in, I am focusing on trusting Mish and prove myself its okay to give authority to someone else and know they know better than me!! My first try of Lean and strong I proved to myself that MY way doesn't work and left me with tight jeans and clothes.

Every time I pass the mirror I say to myself "Trust the program, You are changing your body for the Positive" I smile at myself and walk off happy after doing a pose and checking my muscles out seeing small changes! hahaha, I know vain but if I don't view myself positively, how am I going to keep myself on track! :)

I have in mind that I do still have some weight to lose. I am telling myself that isn't my focus now. Saying that out loud actually gives me a sense of relief. I am eating healthily and working out hard.

Now just to keep on working on my organisational skills!! I have started up a white board on the fridge and write up a plan for what I need to do each day so I not only break up my days so I have enough energy for exercise I also keep a clean house and happy family. I had to come to terms with the fact that Ive been doing things on a whim and its not really getting me anywhere. So the white board is a start and I know it needs improving. My next step is to buy myself and awesome daily planner diary, so i have fit things into a time and it will be more efficient. That will cost me over $50, so this week I will buy it as a gift to myself!

Success! Here we come!!!

SusieNona!! xx

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