Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kids love working out too!!

Since Ive been recovering from the touch of the flu and lucky my its TTOTM, I couldn't see myself skipping and running around like mad at cross fit since I get my period really heavy. Jumping around was all too uncomfortable so I committed myself to completing Fridays workout today.

The kids get very excited when I do weights and want to join in by adding their weight to the dumbell as they try to hold it too and making it just that bit harder for me! I love how exercise has such a positive effect on children!

I have a few lighter weights that I don't use anymore that they pick up and try to do a rep! Half the time they just jump around to the music I have pumping. Always brings a smile to my face as long as they don't get under foot!

They especially love it when I hook the chin up bar to the door, then I have them saying to me " mum lift me up, lift me up I want a go!"

I Do love the fact that I can almost catch my son now that I am 15kg lighter than a year ago! I have almost got my speed back. I have to laugh because even when he was 2yrs old I found it hard to catch him! He has a natural talent for running and ball games. He also has a naturally muscly physique which puts both his parents to shame!! 7 years old too!! I think I envy his muscles!! hahaha More incentive to keep going!

Well I'm feeling good! Glad I got my workout done and after 2 weeks of lean and strong I am seeing slight changes to my muscle form. Happy dancing!!

Enjoy your weekend! xx

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