Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Start of a new round!!!

Hi everyone, well I thought I would give writing my blog a go again! Its been about 3 weeks since I last posted. 

Last round I thought I wouldn't be so active in the forums or even write my journey, just plod along quietly. Little did I know it would be to my detriment as last round I stopped at 4 weeks in and couldn't get back on track!! So I'm giving this another crack which will see me more focused and be able to assess where I am at as the journey goes on. 

So, I'm not going to dwell on the past failures, rather I'm picking myself up and moving on! The reality was I had to stop going to the gym due to finances and then holiday and it just completely threw me out of whack. I was forcing myself to walk to the park with the kids for a play and back which was about 3km round trip. One time we walked over 4km home from the park. My son did so well. It was a real mental fight to do it. My head wasn't in the game. I was annoyed with myself because I was doing so well for a year or so and then fell into a slump! Very frustrating. I knew better than this, so I just kept pushing. 

I knew I had to once again clean up my diet. sponge cakes, pavlovas, ice cream, chocolate and alcohol slipped back in, as well as the headaches, feeling horrible when I woke up, feet aching, and lacking in sleep majorly. I knew in the back of my mind if I just did a work out I would feel so much better in the mind and body, even if i had to rest again. I thought Chronic fatigue was rearing its ugly head again, but I was really in denial of slipping into bad habits and old lifestyle again. 

I really missed the gym atmosphere, the friends I had there and the relief from stress of the kids i would get when I focused on doing something positive for myself. A good friend and former fellow 12wbter recommended me to a new small local gym which was focused on boot camps, and more excitingly Cross fit!!! And It was sooo cheap!! 

I was still unwell when I first went to it really took a toll on my body, but I was determined not to give up. I have only been going for a few weeks now but I love the atmosphere, the kids love it, and I am pushed beyond I ever imagined. My mind set is improving so much i can say I am quite proud of myself of the leaps I have made in such a short time. I have made the decision to go twice a week, Thursday evening and Saturday mornings for SSS. 

Since I am doing Lean and Strong again I am feeling improvements in my workouts now that I am combining cross fit in the mix. 

I am happy to say I am now back to using myfitnesspal to track my food and the girls on there are so encouraging! 

Here is a couple of pics from our 80's retro themed cross fit session from a couple of weeks ago! I was completely smashed! felt like puking and fainting!! good stuff!!  Hope you enjoy your read!! 

SusieNona!! xx

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