Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hayfever and Crossfit!

So yesterday despite being all stuffy from this sinus infection, sneezes, blocked nose I went off to cross fit for the first time in over a week! It was a bit of a struggle to get through the run but the TABATA was awesome! It was called Tequila TABATA.... I was introduced to a couple of new moves, wall climbs which involved doing a push up and then climbing up the wall with my feet until I was in a handstand position and the climb back down! Tough and all I could think of was I was going to flip over but I didn't!

The second new move was called The Bastard! bicep curl with the barbell, lift the bar above your head and then bend your elbows so the bar is behind your head, so basically a french curl. You hit the bicep and tricep muscles.

Again we got into the sleds at the end of the workout. we had one person in the sled, one person pulling the sled and one person pushing. Its the toughest part of the workout! I had to pull a guy who was 93kg plus the weight of the sled. Of course it was made a bit easier having someone pushing but wow it was so tough I just couldn't get myself out for another run and I was trying to hold back throwing up and not to faint!

I am getting stronger and can feeling it when I do part of a workout with a particular weight i would normally find tough and its easier. eg. swinging a 10kg kettle bell and not feeling much, So I know next time I will up the weight. I love where I am at fitness wise, I think I still doubt myself at times, but I look back even a year ago and know I would not be able to do what I do now! such a huge achievement!

So I'm hoping this hay fever clears up soon so I can get right into it, this crazy weather isn't helping!

Lean and strong is making me strong. :)

Enjoy your read!

SusieNona! xx

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